I always had a hard time gaining weight. I traveled almost every week for about 10 years, and all those big meals on an expense account did nothing. I usually gained about a pound or two a year. I tried a personal trainer in the past… and probably gained 4 pounds in a few months. So I pretty much gave up on the idea of putting on muscle, blaming it on genetics.

My wife showed me a couple of articles on nutrition and training written by David, and he seemed to make a lot of sense, so my wife and I started training in tandem with David twice a week. He came up with a diet and exercise plan. And more importantly, he explained the reasoning behind everything, which made it a whole lot easier to stick with the program. I gained almost 25 pounds of mostly muscle in 4 months, and increased my strength significantly. The weights I was struggling with in the beginning looked like a joke after 4 months. I went from leg pressing 180 to 450 pounds!

The knowledge and understanding that I developed from David is probably more important to note than the actual weight gain. By the time I reached my goal, I felt fully educated, and was confident that I could do this all over again by myself if I had to. There is no secret sauce with David, he fully shares his knowledge and that alone will be worth training with him. (He is very motivating and keeps you accountable too, for those of us who need help in those areas).

Gopi Mandela