NAME: Gary Michael Keatts

AGE: 28



DIVISION: Men’s Physique


  • 2015 NPC Capitol Grand Prix: 1st place, MPD true novice; 2nd place, MPD novice; 5th place, MPD open
  • 2015 NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic: 1st place, MPD novice tall and Novice Overall Champion; 2nd place MPD D

I started lifting when I was just a kid. My dad introduced me to lifting at a very young age. When I was second grade I wrote a report that said I wanted to be a bodybuilder when I grew up!

I worked with Rebecca Mitchell for my prep. Rebecca was great. Anytime I had a question she was there, and was very knowledgeable.

The hardest part of prep for me was the last two weeks, simply because I was always tired. My motivation was simple—I wanted to be the best, and do my best at everything I did.

For somebody looking to get started with competition, I would ask them how serious they are, and make sure it’s what they really want. You can give advice all you want, but if they don’t have the desire, your words mean nothing.

During my prep, I learned that I’m not a very happy person with carbs, lol!

I’d like to thank my coach Rebecca, but most of all, my fiancé. Without her cooking all my meals and being so supportive, I never would have made it! Moving forward, I’m looking to move up to the Classic Physique Division and see what I can do!


Rebecca Mitchell - Personal Training Maryland Headshot 2Having been born with scoliosis and lordosis of the spine, I was advised my physicians not to lift weights as a means for weight loss as this will agitate my so called “condition.”

Instead of just giving up and giving in, I challenged myself to learn more about proper body mechanics and proper nutrition in regards to living inflammatory free! As a nationally ranked NPC figure competitor. I have a relentless passion for health, wellness and nutrition.

I take great pride in working with all types of clients from all walks of life, from those just aspiring for general weight loss to those hunting to take the journey to the competition stage.