• lost several dress sizes
• lost body fat and inches everywhere, including wrists and feet
• dramatically increased strength
• learned to eat properly to achieve her health and fitness goals

Monday, May 12, 2008

I had been in a Boot Camp class for about a year before I began training with David. I got some results from Boot Camp but was not completely satisfied. I have been with David for 4 months now and can see muscles I haven’t seen in years and am now seeing new muscles I never knew existed.

David pushes me harder than I thought was ever possible. He makes Boot Camp look like child’s play. I never knew that as a woman I could do dips with my own body weight plus an additional 5-10lbs hanging from a dip belt, squat 225lbs, and leg press 450lbs. I’m now eager to see just how far David can push me and how much I am REALLY capable of.

Now I’m able to get into skirts I haven’t been able to wear in years and one of them was falling off at a wedding I attended recently. Even my shoes and watches are too big now. I never guessed I would lose weight in my wrists and feet, too.

Thanks David!

Gail Thompson

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