• increased muscular tone and strength in a mere 4 weeks
• learned how to push her workouts with the intensity required to once again start making gains
• dropped 1 dress size in 4 weeks


You pushed me harder than I thought anybody could ever be pushed! After our first leg workout, I nearly fell down the stairs, and it took a week before I could get in and out of my car easily! Despite beating me up so bad, I loved working with you, and wish I could have trained with you longer. You were the third trainer that I worked with here at Warrenville, and were going to be my “trainer for life” until you announced you were relocating. I found somebody willing to go that extra mile for his client once I started training with you. And I saw my body start changing very rapidly just by doing what you said with my exercise and diet. Four children to my credit, and this body still looks great. And I couldn’t have done it without you.


Frances Salins

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