Flourless Chocolate Muffins

The foundation of any sound fitness program is nutrition. While lunch and dinner are a bit easier to fine-tune, many of my clients struggle with breakfast. Over the last twenty years, breakfast has become a meal of convenience. A lot of people want something they can grab and go, which often results in a poor nutritional choice.

Many of our clients enjoy this healthy alternative. It is my wife Courtney’s healthy version of a flourless chocolate muffin. It’s quick, convenient, tasty and nutritious. It’s not just for breakfast either—we sometimes have one for dessert, too. It features 17g of protein and 10g of fiber.

muffin mix flourless chocolate muffin receipe

Muffin mixture before cooking in a large latte cup


The finished product (about the size of a small grapefruit) with my favorite topping, almond butter.

The finished product (about the size of a small grapefruit) with my favorite topping, almond butter.

  “Easy Recipe” by Certified Nutrition Specialist Courtney Carpenter, MS June 2012

55 Second Microwave Muffin

This is a single-serve recipe. Make yours in a large coffee mug or latte mug. It is best eaten still a little warm, as it tends to dehydrate some as it cools.

You may combine the ingredients (EXCEPT FOR THE BAKING POWDER) in advance and cook this at the last minute. If you do, protect the dough by using plastic wrap pressed directly on top of the dough with the edges of the plastic lining the inside and walls of the cup.

Refrigerate, and when you take it out, warm it up for 5-10 seconds in the microwave before adding the baking powder. Once the baking powder is in, cook as normal or a few seconds longer.  Microwaves vary.

Combine these first:

-2tsp coconut oil (butter or other solid fat may be substituted)

-¼ cup finely ground flax seeds

-2 Tbsp cocoa powder (aka baking cocoa)  NOTE: un-Dutched “raw” cocoa has more flavonoid content, thus providing more total health benefits

-1tsp baking powder

Mix these together. Your main goal is to mix the dry ingredients. Don’t worry about where the oil ends up.

Next, add these and mix until you have a paste-like consistency:

-1 egg (equivalent in egg substitute or egg replacement, prep as egg)

-1tsp maple syrup (or agave or honey)

-½tsp (roughly 1 capful) vanilla extract (other flavor extracts may be used)

Once thoroughly mixed, cook, dump from cup immediately, cool about 2 minutes and enjoy!

55 Second Muffin Additions:

High protein muffin  (over 20g Protein!):

-add 2 Tbsp protein powder plus 2 Tbsp water

Muffin Becomes Cake (you can still use the protein powder here):

-use flavored agave syrup, such as chocolate, as substitute for maple

-use another flavor extract to compliment or enrich as sub for vanilla (chocolate w/almond, orange, or coffee extract)

-use a dark, rich honey as sweetener plus a trendy flavor extract such as jasmine, lavender or anise

-serve with fruit slices or “ice” with a nut butter such as almond, cashew or pecan butter

Courtney Carpenter, MS, CNS   focusonfood@gmail.com Ms. Carpenter’s presentations are sponsored in cooperation with David’s Natural Markets in Columbia, Forest Hill and Gambrills, Maryland.

Shirley Callis

Shirley Callis Howard County MD Personal TrainerThis recipe was provided by TEAM Warrior Within trainer Shirley Callis.

Shirley has 30 plus years of personal and professional experience.  He has helped clients of all ages and fitness levels get the results they were looking for.  Whether you are struggling to lose weight, get in shape for competition, or just want to get fit, Shirley can guide you.

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