Although I had been eating pretty clean for the last several years, my diet was beginning to suffer
from portion control (I was relying a bit too much on Subway and salads from Wendys) and my
workouts were severely lacking from motivation and results.

I first heard about David Johnston from an issue of the “No Nonsense” publication from Beverly
International. In the article, Marty Ozimek called on David Johnston to help him out with his
nutrition in preparation for his first bodybuilding contest. I found this article very inspiring and,
even though I currently live in Atlanta, I decided to look up David. I sent him an email, and next
thing I knew, I was completing his very detailed questionnaire, required before he will agree to
take on new clients.

I was a bit skeptical at first, as I didn’t see much results, but after several weeks of tweaking my
diet, I started to notice my pants getting bigger in the waist. I was feeling more defined and
could see vascularity in my muscles that I hadn’t seen before, which helped a lot in the
motivation! He started me on a “lean-out” phase, to strip me of bodyfat, and three months after
beginning his program, my Bodpod® bodyfat test registered 8.3%, down from the beginning
measurement of 11.7%, and my weight went from 159.6 lbs to 144.6 lbs!

Two days ago, David switched me to the “mass-gain” phase, and I am eating a lot more food.
Sometimes I wonder how all this is going to turn out, but I know that with David’s expert
guidance , I will be able to reach my goals and perhaps compete in my first physique

-Darryl C.