• gained 20lbs of muscle in just over 12 months
• significantly increased strength on every single exercise
• successfully learned to weight train independently
• receives daily comments and compliments on the improvements to his physique

My name is Dan McDonald, and I recommend anyone and everyone to consider personal training with David Johnston. When I met David, I had had a year of training in college and had continued my exercise routines from that trainer for over a year with minimal improvements. I had reached a plateau at 152 pounds. After a little more than a year training with David, I am now 170 pounds and have made significant strength gains. I now feel that I have a wider repertoire of exercises and strategies to continue to make improvements in my level of fitness. David always pushed me to the limit and even though there were times that I thought I would pass out, it is all worth it in the end, when a friend, co-worker, or even a total stranger compliments me on my physique. Without him, the improvements I have experienced in my fitness, strength, and overall confidence would not have been possible. Lifetime Fitness- Warrenville is losing a truly valuable asset to its business, but I wish David luck and know that he will continue to be successful well into the future.

Dan McDonald

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