• dropped over 20lbs without losing any hard-earned muscle
• learned to eat to get ripped
• looked terrific for his Hawaiian wedding

Chris Mutzbauer

Starting weight: 1/1/08: 212lbs.
Weight by 4/23/08: 191lbs.

It was just after the holidays in 2007 and I was engaged to be married at the end of April in Hawaii. I asked Dave for some help with a diet and exercise tips that would help me lose weight but not lose strength/muscle mass. In the past I have never had much success with dieting or cutting weight. I am more or less a hard gainer and have been able to lose weight in the past at the expense of losing muscle size and strength as well. Dave instructed me to start a protein rich diet which included several smaller meals each day. He also gave me a few ideas about how much cardio to do and the best time to do it. He took the time to explain how and why my body would react to the diet and exercise plan he suggested, which made sticking to the regimen a little easier on my part. I now knew not only what I had to do to obtain my weight loss goals, but why the dieting, lifting and cardio was going to work. And it did work.

In approximately sixteen weeks I lost over twenty pounds. My cardiovascular stamina has never been better and overall I am stronger in the weight room now than before my weight loss undertaking. I will without a doubt incorporate Dave’s nutrition and cardio fundamentals into my workouts from this day forward. I feel he has given me a solid knowledge base that will allow me to ‘tweak’ the plan to obtain any gain/loss goals I may have in the future.

Chris Mutzbauer

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