• completely changed body composition, going from 30% body fat to under 14%!
• dropped from 160lbs to 124lbs!
• achieved amazing feats of strength, including 225lbs squats for reps and a 300lbs partial deadlift!
• within less than two years of training, entered first physique competition, the 2008 NPC Natural Grand Prix in Rockford, IL, taking 3rd place in Medium Figure Open, 2nd place in Master’s Figure, 2nd place in Women’s Middleweight Bodybuilding, and 2nd place in
Women’s Master’s Bodybuilding (photos) Video
• has continued to competed and place successfully in figure and bodybuilding competition
• was inspired to become a NASM certified personal trainer and started a successful personal training business

Those taking the time to read this letter will not only hear my testimonial regarding David’s training, but will also be entertained with the personal story that continues to unfold.

I met David in October of 2005 when I joined Lifetime Fitness. Upon joining I was told I could have a free Body Age and an equipment orientation with one of their personal trainers. Not realizing what any of that meant, I agreed. When I arrived at the gym for my appointment I nervously sat at the trainers’ desk and wondered why I agreed to something I knew nothing about. I would have been perfectly happy on my treadmill in the far corner of the gym where nobody could see me. Just as that thought crossed my mind, a trainer walked up and set his clipboard in front of me. I remember thinking, “Please God, don’t tell me this is my trainer!” Why did I get the biggest, scariest guy in the place? Low and behold he introduced himself. I don’t remember much from that point on but I do remember telling my girlfriend that some guy that looked like Goliath tried to kill me. I was convinced that he didn’t like me and I was unable to move most of my body parts during the following days. Being the nice friend that I am I made sure she set up her consultation with David as well. She also got the workout of her life. Having worked with a trainer in the past, she assured me that David was great. If great was this hard, I considered getting a bad one!

As the months passed I continued my cardio and would lose a few pounds only to then gain them back. David would make time to come over now and then to chat and answer any questions I had regarding my workouts. I contemplated training but knew it wasn’t really my thing. In June of ‘06 I finally gave in to my curiosity and signed up with David two times a week for a moth. Ten minutes into my first session I was pushed to what I thought was my physical limit and wanted my month to be over. As he put me through each workout he not only explained the purpose and mechanics behind every exercise but gave me a deeper education as well– I learned and continue to learn how to push myself physically and mentally beyond my limits. At the end of the first month I was already seeing changes that I never thought possible and anticipated the changes I’d see after my next month. (Yes, I actually signed up again!)

David and I have been training since June of ‘06 and along with all of the hard work we managed to have lots of fun along the way. […]

My long struggle with roller-coaster weight-loss and dieting is now over. I joined the gym at 160lbs with a body fat of 30%. I am currently 130lbs with a body fat of 14%. I have made changes to my body that cardio and diet would have never done. I love weight training and attribute all of my improvements to David and the training that he implements.

Whoever is fortunate enough to know and/or train with David will be forever grateful for the impact he can and will make to your life.

Good luck to all future clients…

Cathy Bowser

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