March 25, 2009

David –

I must admit that I was hesitant when Kim suggested we sign up for the ‘BOOT CAMP’ group fitness class.  I knew if I was going to pay for a physical trainer/training, it would have to be from someone who demanded my respect with their own level of physical fitness, knowledge of training methods and nutrition.  MEET MR. DAVID JOHNSTON, THE MAN!!!  After talking to you one on one and viewing your photo album, which clearly illustrates your personal journey, I was convinced you were the best trainer.  And ended up being even funnier than your shaved head, Fu-Manchu goatee indicated.

At first I was a little worried because I was the only guy in the class, I thought it was going to be too dainty for me.  ON THE CONTRARY!  As you stated several times, “The first night is always the hardest.  Once you get through tonight, you’ll be OK.”  Although the first night was probably the most difficult workout session I have ever had in my life, I couldn’t wait to get back to the gym the next day.  The class structure allowed all the participants, with varying levels of fitness experience, to progress without feeling held back or pushed too fast.

Brian Redder - Personal Trainer Columbia MD

I considered myself an ‘intermediate’ when it came to fitness training; you know previously in the ‘300 lbs. Bench Press Club’,  8 minute mile group, and general diet guru.   But you taught me a great deal about “eating clean”, “base building cardio”, interval training, and muscle development.  Not only did you awaken the “gym rat” in me but you also inspired the discipline and patience it takes to lose the weight and keep it off.  Actually at the start of class, I weighed 279lbs. and was extremely out of shape but by the end of the 12 weeks I weighed 262lbs and most of my clothes were too big.  Then the holidays came and I ballooned back up to 277lbs.  But the techniques you provided us in class along with your continued advice after the class, I have been able to get back down to 263lbs.  So overall, I’ve lost a total of 31 pounds, even though some of those pounds I had to lose twice.  My target weight is 240 lbs. (RIPPED, of course!) but my overall fitness goal is increased strength and endurance, lower body fat % and an eating clean lifestyle.  The tools you provided have given me the confidence that I can reach my goal by the end of August 2009; which would be one year after the start date of the Boot Camp class.

I look forward to the day when I can train with you without death being the result!!! (LOL)  Your discipline, knowledge and passion for what you do as a physical trainer are truly inspirational and appreciated by me and Kim.  Up next, we are sending the bodies into ketosis.  Eight (8) weeks of ‘Keto’ dieting should be a good jump start to reaching my goal.  Keep doing what you’re doing!!!  If I had the money, I would take the class again.  Thank you.

Rehabilitated, Rejuvenated, and Re-dedicated!
Brian A. Redder