• dramatically increased muscle mass and muscular bodyweight
• bodyweight went from 117lbs to 154lbs with no fat gain!
• increased upper arm measurement from 9.5” to nearly 13”
• dramatically increased strength, including a deadlift of over 335lbs

An open letter regarding personal trainer David Johnston:

My name is Brian, and I’ve been coming to Lifetime Fitness to work out since 2006. Dave is actually the third personal trainer with whom I’ve worked. I’ve been very impressed with the range of his knowledge and his ability to tailor not only a workout program but also a diet for me. I’ve been slim my whole life and it’s been a challenge to gain weight, but my goal since joining Lifetime has been to put on muscle. When I first started at Lifetime, I weight less than 120 pounds, and now I weight in the 150s, with the bulk of those gains coming while working out with Dave. I’ve done deadlifts and rack pulls of over 350 pounds as a result of his training.

I’ve also been impressed with Dave’s scheduling flexibility. When I first started at Lifetime, I lived in Lisle but I now live in Chicago. Although the commute to the gym is much longer than it used to be, I’m motivated to continue training with Dave and I’m pleased that he’s been willing to work with me.

So, if you’re trying to gain muscle, I’m living proof that Dave’s methods work. I also have confidence that people with fitness goals different from my own (e.g. losing weight) could benefit from Dave’s extensive health and fitness knowledge. I give Dave my strongest endorsement and hope he’ll continue helping people reach their fitness goals.


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