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Bishop Green – 5 Months After Pregnancy

After giving birth to my daughter (October 2012) I realized I needed something new. I wasn’t going to go back into my beer drinking/greasy food ways, and I knew I did not want to carry around the baby weight for months or even years!

A client of Davids finally sent me over the edge, I looked at her competition pictures and I knew right then and there I wanted to do that, I wanted to build muscle and be confident walking onto that stage. I contacted David late November 2012 and every week since then he has given me personalized meal plans/workout plans.

Finally after months of waiting I stepped onto the stage (March 2013) and I honestly have never felt more confident and beautiful. I mean who knew eating 6 meals a day and sweating like a pig would give you the up-most confidence in the end!

I remember training legs with David a couple weeks before my first competition (OMG killer) and him saying “Come on Bishop, there is always some one training harder than you”, which is true. I can honestly say David says it how it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything, and I think that is what makes him an awesome trainer. He gives you the tools you need to succeed and bring home a trophy! I won’t be quitting anytime soon.