• lost 45lbs over the course of 6 months
• dropped from a size 14 to a size 8
• noticeable increase to muscle tone
• learned to control eating habits to successfully manage body composition
• gained the confidence to weight train independently

To: Potential Client
From: “Extremely Satisfied Client” – Beth Little
Date: May 5, 2008
Re: Reference for David Johnston

Prior to working with David, weight training and cardiovascular exercise were not integrated into my lifestyle and my diet was poor at best. I had goals to lose weight, to better my body composition, and to improve my overall health. I was at a plateau I did not know how to overcome. Then, I met David and everything changed!

When I started working with David, he took the time to understand what I wanted to accomplish and we set goals to meet that end. Once my goals were set, David devised a tactile plan to reach my goals which included a detailed weight training program to maintain and build muscle during weight loss, a diet plan to initiate weight loss, and a cardio plan to burn excess calories.

A large part of my success is David’s ability to understand me as a person and the challenges in front of me. David was able to find the perfect combination of empathy and “tough love” to motivate me to stay on track with my plan.

-David pushed me past personal boundaries with regards to weight training which established new boundaries: and he pushed me past those new boundaries again and again.
-David helped me understand I did not have to be embarrassed by poor eating habits, but he instilled in me that my eating habits had to change if I wanted to meet my goals. A hint of muscle definition is all it took to keep me honest about my diet.
-David worked with me to develop a cardio plan to increase my metabolism resulting in weight loss and more efficient use of my time spent on cardio exercise.
-David made me accountable for my actions. The process of losing weight and gaining better body composition is pretty simple with David. If you do what David tells you to do, you WILL see significant results.

In the end, David has greatly influenced the way I live my life. Weight training and cardiovascular exercise is now integrated into my life, along with a conscious effort to fuel my body with the right type of food. (And, I like it!) These modifications to my lifestyle have resulted in more confidence, a better self image, and my overall happiness. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have worked with David over the past year.

Don’t pass up an opportunity to work with David. You will not regret it!

Beth Little
May 5, 2008

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