NAME: Babette Kae Mulford

AGE: 41



CONTEST HISTORY: I have competed since 2001; 2007 at the National Level (NPC); and won my IFBB pro card in 2012 in the Fitness division. I have done 46 competitions, never taking a year off, and have never been truly injured. I have done three Arnold Classic three times, in Ohio, Rio, and Spain.

I originally grew interested in competing while dancing at an intermission of a bodybuilding show in 1999. I learned about TEAM Warrior Within from my friend Alysia Cronise, and I work with the same coach as her, David Johnston. I love the fact that I can contact him anytime via email, and about anything that’s on my mind.

The hardest part of prepping for a show is not having adult cocktails. But during those difficult times, for motivation I think of making MYSELF, my family, and my friends proud.

For anybody loo king to get started with competing, I would tell them that it takes a lot of time and planning, as well as give and take. AND, the famous saying, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”. Use my people—David J., and Bikini Vixen.

During this prep, I have learned that I’m getting old and I have to figure out how much fight I still have in me.

I would like to thank my best friend Jill, Chris, 2 Pieces Bikini Vixen, my coworkers at Heartland Express, and especially David Johnston for all the times I frustrated him.

Moving forward, I plan on doing the IFBB Lou Ferrigno in the bikini division, and in 2016 I have a fitness routine in mind.

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