• dramatically increased strength and muscle tone while lowering body fat
• inspired to compete in first physique competition, the 2008 NPC Natural Mid-States Muscle Classic XXI, taking 1st place in the Women‘s Lightweight Bodybuilding division, and 1st place in the Figure Short Division (Photos can be seen
here.); continues to compete and place well in women’s bodybuilding and figure competition throughout the midwest
• inspired to become a NASM certified personal trainer and develop her own successful personal training business

Being an athlete my whole life, I thought I had the staying in shape, being healthy, and maintaining strength thing figured out. I quickly realized this was not the case. As my body matured and I was not giving three hours of my day to sports I could keep up a fairly healthy life and a slim physique, but it was nothing compared to the strength my entire body has now. I began training with David during the winter of my sophomore year of college. I was a bit nervous about the amount of weight he trained his clients with, I had been training with weights but never anything close to as heavy and as intense as what I train with now (and no women, I did not bulk out, I actually lost weight).

When choosing a trainer you want to have someone who obviously knows what they are doing, but just as importantly that trainer should be able to explain to his/her clients’ why they choose to train the way they do. David is an amazing example of a trainer that will never leave his client wondering what benefits they are getting from their workout. He knows what he is doing works thus he can explain with confidence the goals he can produce in a client’s life.

Exercise Science is my field of study in school, I love to learn, but I would have to say, hands down, a large portion of my understanding of how the body works has not been from sitting through lectures but being in the gym training with David.

If you want results to be proud of you must train with someone who wants that for you as well. Training is not just a job to David it is a way of life and his passion. Train with most trainers and you may feel better, train with David and build a better life.

Aubrie Guerra

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