• body fat dropped from 25.2% to 14.7% while greatly increasing muscle mass
• completely reshaped physique and self-image
• increased strength 150%

During my six months training with Dave I have seen enormous improvements physically and mentally. Through my training with Dave, I have lost over 10% body fat, and increased all of my weights dramatically. My bench press started out at about 140lbs and is now close to 240. I am extremely pleased with the changes in my physical appearance and am equally excited about the new confidence I have from my training.

In addition to improving my body, I have also learned a wealth of information from Dave. He has been kind enough to share his experience and knowledge on supplements, lifting technique, diet, and training with me so that I will be able to continue training throughout my life.

Despite all these things, the most valuable aspect that I have gained from my experience with Dave has been the friendship that we developed. I look forward to coming to the gym every time because of the fun atmosphere that Dave provides. Whether it’s coming to lift, or just shooting the breeze, Dave is an excellent trainer, teacher, and friend.

Andrew K.

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