So, I was thinking a lot about what you had to say today and came to two conclusions. Well, I came to a few, but here are two. One, I actually did flex in the Adrea Clifford - Wedding Weight Loss Columbia MDmirror when I got home and I absolutely do notice a difference in my arms. I feel like I wouldn’t/don’t notice things is because I have an absolutely terrible image of myself. It’s not a self-esteem issue, but ultimately just body image. Until I obtain the perfect image in my head, I’m not going to be happy. And because I’ve ‘worked-out’ or have been active my whole life and have never seen results, I find it very unmotivating. I get discouraged very easily – if you haven’t already noticed. I guess I expect things that can’t be done or something that I would like to obtain in a very short amount of time and again, in turn, get discouraged easily. Does that all make sense?

I’m sure you didn’t really need that glimpse into my life but what you said this afternoon really got me thinking. And I think this might help to get me to push to the next level, or whatever you want to call it.


Since reading this, I’ve already written two ‘testimonials’ for you and still feel to need to write more. I really can’t put into words how different I feel – about everything…confidence, body image, not intimidated by weights…you name it. In the beginning, I felt really stupid standing in the mirror and looking at my baby muscles. And, while I still do feel really stupid, seeing results from all of the work I’ve put in makes up for it. I’ve finally realized that in order to achieve the unrealistic goals that I have in my head, hard work is the only answer. None of this has been easy, but it’s all been totally worth it and my goals seem attainable.

And in turn, the only thing I can really say to you is Thank You. You pushed me and stuck with me in spite of gumby arms and sincere lack of weight lifting knowledge. Like we talked about last night…there is a real ‘don’t want to let David down’ mentality. I’m not going to lie. It’s true. There’s so much more than just weight lifting that goes into all of this. The nutrition information that you offer – even if you don’t look things up and just tell me what you think is right (pine nuts), all of that is invaluable. I have now become a nutrition and weight loss coach for my friends. I might put you out of business…ha!

Andrea (Feldstein) Clifford