NAME: Alicia Wells

AGE: 31



DIVISION: figure


  • 2009 OCB President Cup: 1st place novice figure
  • 2010 OCB Atlantic Super Show: 3rd place figure
  • 2012 NPC Max Muscle Virginia: 1st place figure
  • 2012 NPC Jr. Nationals: did not place
  • 2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic: 3rd place figure
  • 2013 NPC Jr. USAs: did not place
  • 2014 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic: 1st place figure
  • 2014 NPC Max Muscle Virginia: 2nd place figure
  • 2015 NPC Jr. USAs: 2nd place figure
  • 2015 NPC Team Universe: 4th place figure

I have always been a competitive person.  I was a gymnast from age two until eleventh grade, and started competing in gymnastics in the fourth grade.  I played soccer and softball when I was young, then field hockey and lacrosse in high school and college.  Once I graduated, I almost didn’t know what to do with myself, so I continued to lift like I had been doing since high school.  I was at the local YMCA one day and someone told me I should look into bodybuilding.  I wasn’t interested, until I saw a local figure competitor at my gym and grew intrigued.  I became obsessed, and have been ever since.

Several of my American Muscle Supply teammates were working with TEAM Warrior Within, so I started emailing David Johnston.  He remembered me from previous shows, and pretty much read my mind.  I knew he was who I wanted to work with.

Working with David was absolutely awesome.  Last year was by far the easiest prep, but not easy at the same time, if that makes sense.  I have eaten more than I have ever eaten, and placed much better than I had ever placed before.  He didn’t kill me with hours upon hours of cardio, and he didn’t starve me either.  I honestly can’t complain about my prep last year at all.  If I had to pick a most difficult part, it was that I dieted for so long.  But if I had to choose to do it that way again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

During prep last year, I was going through a very difficult time of my life, and I stayed motivated just by knowing that my show was what I had to look forward to, which allowed me to have tunnel vision.  When I would try to talk myself out of cardio, a workout, or a meal, I would always tell myself, “The girl who beats you didn’t do that”, so I had to follow suit.

For anybody looking to get involved with physique competition, I would recommend they research it thoroughly, figure out which federations they want to compete under, figure out which division appeals to you the most, and make sure when you research your coach, you look at what they have done for others.  Expect absolutely nothing—when you expect things, you get your feelings hurt or let down when they don’t work out how you had envisioned.  And last but not least, have fun, enjoy the process, it will all be worth it in the end.

During last year’s prep, I learned that I am mentally, physically, and spiritually stronger than I could have ever imagined.  Once my tunnel vision kicks in, nothing can stop me.

I would like to thank my TWW family, as well as my American Muscle Supply family.  Like I said, this year took a turn for me, but with the love and support from people I didn’t even know I could rely on, I was able to place top 5 in both of my national shows.

Moving forward, I plan on doing Jr. USAs, Jr. Nationals, Team Universe, and North Americans in 2016, ultimately aiming at bringing home my IFBB pro card!

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