ADAM-MCVEY-NPC-MENS-LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT-BODYBUILDER-online-coaching-cropSo David asked me to write a testimonial– which for me is slightly different based on the fact that we have been friends for quite a few years now.  I have contemplated for a couple weeks what to write.  At first I was going to get into how he helped me with some of the fundamentals of bodybuilding.  Diet, cardio, posing, etc.  But that’s not what this is about in whole so I won’t bore you with the minutiae.  Fact is, David and I worked in conjunction with all that stuff, as I prep people as well and have a good feel for my own body.

What I think is more important is who David is as a person.  I have had the pleasure of being not David’s client, but a friend.  He was in my wedding and didn’t even think twice about flying into Chicago from Baltimore to see me compete.

I have had several issues, including: a custody battle that lasted 18months in order for me to get basic visitation (during prep for my show); a bout with binge drinking/alcoholism; and in general had a lot of maturing to do.  I remember when I met David, he had been working at Lifetime Fitness and I was hired on there.  He immediately seen something in me that I could not even see myself, nor would I for years after, and took me under his wing.  When he left for Baltimore he left me with some of his long-time clients and made sure that I was “sitting pretty” when he left.

Basically in a nutshell David and I have become EXTREMELY good friends.  In fact I’d say that he is my best friend.  I think, and hope, he would say the same.  He has been a rock for me through many trials and tribulations, and I see that I’m not alone as he definitely puts forth that kind of effort to his clientele.

When you hire David, not only are you getting the most detail oriented (he’s OCD when it comes to details and record keeping) trainer I know, but the most attentive and knowledgeable as well.  And I can all but guarantee the time you train with him you will establish a reality-based relationship that will last much longer than the gym, or your show, or whatever your goals are.

Adam Mcvey trains clients at B-Fitness in Oswego, Illinois.   You can contact Adam through his Facebook page here…