VAUGHAN MCAFEE – Warrior’s Corner

The hardest part of my prep was giving up my favorite foods and, toward the end, living on low carbs. For motivation, I used pictures and videos of other competitors, as well as the thought of not wanting to let my family down. My wife was VERY supportive during the process.


The thoughts below stem from reflecting on an exchange with a client… Just some things to think about when you are working towards a goal, fitness oriented or otherwise, and it comes time to buckle down and grind. Anyone that has ever competed in a bodybuilding...


There on the horizon, behind the curtain,
Lies thunder and lightning, of this I’m certain,
I watch the distance, I watch it dancing,
Delirious fury in lit-skies prancing.


Nobody can give me those moments, nor take them away—they are completely mine, hidden away from the rest of the world. They are not to be interpreted, discussed, or analyzed, merely experienced. “I am ready for whatever’s coming


If you can’t tell, marketing isn’t my strength. A tad too much cursing, and far too blunt and honest—if marketing can best be described as “the subtle art of bullshitting people in order to scam their money”, well, ain’t a subtle bone in my body, and I’m not much for bullshitting either.

IT’S GO TIME – by Adam McVey

So here I sit at 37 years old, finally doing what most guys do when they’re 25. I’m not going to be that insecure guy I used to be. I’m going to be me, proud of the work I’ve done, proud of the life I’ve built. And I’m gonna’ be proud to be backstage and hopefully posing down with my best friend.


By the end of the first week, I was a physical wreck, having a difficult time placing one foot in front of the other, tying my shoes, getting dressed, walking up and down stairs. I thought of the countless clients I have nearly crippled with extreme leg workouts, pushing their bodies to the brink before bringing them back. I felt momentary empathy.

The 100% Dedicated Bodybuilder

Not officially prepping yet, but sliding the volume control up from 85% to 95%. We’ll linger here for the next three months, and then begin prep proper. During prep, I am the 100% dedicated bodybuilder.


This rage does not have a specific object. It is not violence directed towards another person, or even an inanimate object. It is a general state of staring down your goal, the obstruction that lies between you and greatness, and knowing you can demolish it, destroy it, rend it in half and rip it apart. It is knowing there is a demonic fury underneath the surface that is at your command, if and as needed.

Symphony of Construction

As a trainer, you see a wide range of female clients. It gives you unique perspective into what the human body is capable of — physiologically of course, but more important here, audibly. An intimate insight into the sounds that men—but mostly women—might be making during times unseen. Shall we take a look ?

Act Violently

I have a friend who has a problem. She doesn’t know how to act. A strange syndrome: rationally, she knows what she should do—takes in the facts, processes them, integrates them—but there lies a disconnect between brain and body, between the thinking and the spirit that moves the flesh.

Embracing The Mirror

I want you to do something that few in the fitness industry do: take a breath, stop being neurotic and emotionally crippled, try for a fleeting moment to be semi-objective, and accurately assess how far you have really come. And I want you to ask yourself a simple question: does this make you happy, or upset?