I loved feeling the freedom of unleashing those demons… All that anger, hatred, and rage built up in my soul… I am driven by those demons… I have the distinct feeling they may be with me for life, but somehow, are tamed when I am under the barbell.


Most of you know me as an asshole, as “brutally honest”, as “the guy who always spits it straight and tells it like it is”. Did you know I’m also the guy who sits here crying as I watch my clients top callouts at the shows?


It’ll be great, they said. You’ll feel better, look better, sleep better and your sex life will improve. Trust us, they said, after you get over that initial phase, it’ll all come naturally. Or so they said.


You break your body in the gym. The calluses form, sweat streams off of your face, you stink. You look a mess. You eat boring, bland meals. You go without comforts others have daily. You go without relaxation. You go without calm. You long ago gave up on being comfortable. Comfort is for the dead.


For years, my motivation was primarily the oversized chip that resided on my shoulder, a burning need to prove that I could work harder, work smarter, work longer, faster than anyone else. But times have changed. I’m older, wiser and perhaps a little more tired. I’m a parent now. Becoming a parent changes your perspective, or at least your orientation, regarding a few things.

Do You Know Heaven?

Have you found that which makes you cry? That which makes you soar? That which is not open to laughter or jokes, but is held as the sacred, the not-to-be-touched, the private and personal? Have you seen the world from the eyes of an angel, your heart overflowing with love and joy? Have you found your secret and stowed it away in an airtight box? Protected from daylight and the grubby fingers of those who would soil it and tear it down if given the chance?

Emotional Fire – Intro To The Series

David introduces our ‘new’ series, Emotional Fire. David takes a look back at his year long Emotional Fuel series and reveals what was going through his mind when he originally wrote them, and what has changed since then. We would love to hear your thoughts on these as well. Let us know how each one inspired you or pissed you off.