I have been an athlete and participated in team sports and individual sports all my life. I attended a few bodybuilding shows throughout my life, which left me inspired each and every time to compete in this arena. I didn’t commit to getting on stage because of the mental discipline it took to diet. After speaking to a friend who suffered a stroke, yet continues to train with discipline and coaches others, I decided to compete in the Men’s Physique Division.

After many attempts to find the right competition coach who could assist me with my training, nutrition, and teach me the “ins and outs” of competition, I found Stacy Wig, IFBB Pro. My first interaction with Stacy was excellent; she was pleasant, knowledgeable, and very energetic. We discussed my goals, medical history, and lifestyle. After we chose a competition date it was full steam ahead! My first year I placed in all nine shows that I competed in.   Each show I came in more refined and more confident on stage and therefore, with the help of Stacy, earned my USBF Pro Card AND my IFPA Pro Card. I qualified to compete as a pro at the National Pro Yorton Cup Championships.

My first year was grueling but a fun-filled experience. I learned a lot about training, competing, eating and dieting properly. The process involved a strong will to learn, support from workout partners and friends and Stacy’s methodical coaching tactics and patience with my unending questions! She answered all of my questions, explained the process, and guided me carefully through the weeks prior to each competition.

Working with Stacy thus far has been invaluable and a great learning experience. Working with her was the key to a successful first year of competing. I look forward to continue working with her in the upcoming year of professional competitions.

I would highly recommend Stacy Wig of Wig Athletics and Team Warrior Within if you want to compete or simply stay in shape.

Stefan Charles-Pierre

USBF and IFPA Pro Men’s Physique competitor

Stefan Charles-Pierre - USBF and IFPA Pro Men’s Physique competitor


stacy_wig_Personal training Columbia MDThis client was trained by IFBB Pro Stacy Wig.  As a professional athlete and NPC judge, and  personal trainer, Stacy offers complete training for competitors and everyday people who are looking to get in shape.  Stacy can support your goals nutrition guidance, weekly workout regimens, stimulating cardiovascular options, therapeutic exercise when necessary and guidance on lifestyle changes. She is available for 1-on-1 personal training and group classes in the Columbia MD / Baltimore MD region.  She also provides online coaching for anyone who can not make it in person.   Find out more about Stacy Wig…