Sara Front

Sara P, 2012 OCB Eastern Regionals,
4th place, bikini


Sara Rear

2012 OCB Eastern Regionals

I contacted David in September of 2011, as I had wanted to compete in a bikini competition for several months, but did not actually believe I could do it.  Due to the large amount of conflicting information available on the internet, I was over-complicating everything, getting nowhere, and losing motivation.  David and Nikki helped me simplify my diet and training, got rid of my “carb phobia,” and put me on a plan to build some muscle before beginning my 15-week contest prep–all primarily via email.  They patiently answered the many, many questions I had along the way and offered objective, yet straightforward feedback on my progress.  David’s unwavering confidence in me gave me the drive I needed to get through the physical and mental battle that is contest prep.  


With David and Nikki’s guidance, I lost 18 pounds and achieved the physique that I believed was unattainable, and I watched them do the same for several other clients competing at the same time.  I came into the competition in April 2012 feeling prepared, mentally and physically, for the stage, thanks to their weekly posing practice and information sessions, ultimately taking 4th in a class of 12 women.  


1 week before show


Sara with Medal

2012 OCB Eastern Regionals


After the show, David and Nikki safely eased me off of my competition diet and re-invigorated my training plan.  I never experienced the post-competition metabolic rebound that is unfortunately common in the sport due to extreme measures taken to get to the stage.  I am now preparing for the 2013 competition season knowing that David Johnston Training will help me bring an even better physique to the stage, and they can do the same for you.

Sara P.



2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Championship


Bikini, class C