2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic,
figure class B, 2nd place


Sandy Front 2

2012 OCB Eastern Regionals, bikini, 5th place



 Sandy Aja

 Before I started training with David, I already trained at the gym 5 to 6 days a week, but I wasn’t seeing any difference in my body as the years went by.  I wanted to push myself more and after a quick internet search for trainers in the area, I kept seeing David’s name pop up. I’ve been training with David for over a year now and not only has he pushed me beyond what I ever thought my body could do, but I’ve gained so much knowledge and confidence in the gym.  I never truly realized what it meant to lift HARD until my first workout with him. 

Sandy 5 month transformation

5 month transformation


In less than a year’s time, with the guidance of David and Nikki, I was able to strip down 20 pounds, put on some muscle, and step on the OCB stage for my first bikini competition (placing in the top 5 for the open division.) It was amazing to watch my body transform with hard work in the gym and diet consistency.  Since that show I’ve continued to train with David and pack on some muscle in order to compete in the figure division this spring. Whether it’s to lose fat or gain muscle David has done a successful job in helping me achieve any of the goals I’ve set for myself and I look forward to tackling more with him in the future.


Sandy and Marty Backstage

Sandy Aja and Marty Ozimek, 2012 OCB Eastern Regionals



2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic