Marty Side Chest with Trophy

Right now, I’m feeling horrible but starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  These past 14 weeks have been one of the more interesting adventures of my life; a gradual self-induced battle of attrition.  I thought that my full-time job was very exhausting in and of itself (designing some of the most complicated satellite missions that will ever be flown in the history of our world…we have one that is slated to land on Saturn’s moon Titan, land in a lake, and survey the waters for signs of life)…and then I added 3 hours per day of mind-torturing, carefully logged workouts that took me to insanity and interesting paths of self-discovery.  I think I’ve read about 6 books in the time I’ve spent rolling along on the treadmills, which, while feeling my lungs, quads, and innards about to burst, have allowed me to think about things like Objectivism, the fundamentals of stocks/bonds/money market EFT’s, profiles in American millionaires, how to model the dynamical motion of binary asteroid systems, and the light-hearted adventures of the Hunger Games.  All of this while slowly destroying the very fabric of my fatty tissue and pumping weights as hard as I could in the midst of what I call “the floaty feeling” on a daily basis. 

Marty Crab MM

I don’t know how I’ll do at this show, but I know that since I drew the line in the sand and decided to take the bodybuilding plunge, I’ve given everything I could into it.  There are always ways to get better, train smarter, do it better the next time, but for this show, this round, this level of readiness, I feel like I’ve left it all on the table, and for that I can be happily satisfied with whatever awaits me at the end of this contest experience.  Thanks for the trip thus far, it’s been a fascinating one.  Anyway, one more week to go, but with the hard training done, I know I can finish strong.

Marty Front Double Biceps B&W

-Marty Ozimek