face shot

With the disclaimer that this is not my testimonial, I truly want to thank you David and Nikki for what you have done for me.  Training with you has given me a renewed confidence and a “go out and crush it” attitude.  Some may call the following a coincidence, but I believe you were the initial spark plug for my current success.  Since I started training with you, the following happened:

– I lost 20 pounds
– I gained a renewed confidence in myself
– I realized that I CAN do things and I CAN overcome obstacles
– I bought my first house
– I learned how to drive a manual car (something I never thought I would be able to do)
– You allowed me to help you market your business, which further made me realize that I can do what I’ve always wanted to do
– I got a my dream job that not only is at a great company, but will double my salary
– Most importantly, I believe in myself from the outside in

So FUCK EVERYONE who has ever told me I can’t do something, or I could never afford a house, or never stick to a diet or never get a $75K job.  HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW!?!

Liz Wilkinson