Lesley Smith-Mamula - bodybuilding - figure competition prep - weight lossJust to keep you updated.  I am a little more than a week away from the Pitt show and I am already leaner and lower in weight than the previous shows.  I am holding around 129 and my body fat is 9.6%.

When I first started training with you I thought I was in shape and that my body wasn’t too bad but I was wrong. I have stuck with everything that I have learned from you and I am not using anyone else for diet or training.

I remember one of the first few conversations we had about diet and I told you it was impossible for me to do with my work and travels and you stated that you work all day and have a child at home and you can keep up with a diet.  I guess that is what pushed me to keep with the diet as hard as I have.  There are no excuses.  I have learned to travel with work and keep with my diet.

Lesley Smith-Mamula