I started training with David in December of 2011. I had been stuck at my ‘after college’ weight gain for about two years and even being a certified personal trainer–I needed help desperately! David not only got me past the rut I was in personally, but he gave me the knowledge and the confidence to take my own training business to the next level. David really took me under his wing and has had a drastic impact in my life. I weighed 167.4lbs when I first started working with David, I am now 130lbs and in the process of prepping for my first bikini competition. I went from a dress size of 10 to 2, and lost a total of 15 inches.

Lauren Javier frontside collage

January 2012-March 2013

Lauren Javier backside collage

2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic


This journey has not only been about changing physically but mentally and emotionally. David has not only been my mentor but a dear friend. I couldn’t imagine going through this experience with anyone else. I am strong now thanks to David Johnston Training and look forward to the next limit he pushes me past.    





UPDATE: On March 23rd, 2013, Lauren competed in her first bikini competition, the NPC Baltimore Gladiator Championship, looking her all-time best.  Since her transformation pictures showed up on Facebook, she has received responses from people as far as Ireland and Africa.  Congratulations, Lauren!


Team Warrior Within at the 2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator Classic