Laura-Gershen-Wedding Weight Loss CropI remember seeing Nikki and David for the first time at the trainer’s desk at my local gym. I recall David having a contest for free training sessions to whomever he felt deserved it based on a series of questions. I entered this contest and remember receiving a call from Nikki stating that I did not win, however asking if I wanted to start training. I held off for a few weeks thinking I could make changes on my own to lose weight and tone. However I was not seeing progress so I set up a time to meet with Nikki. I have to admit that I was pretty certain that I wanted to train with a female as I felt they could relate much better to a woman’s body in addition to sharing “the battle of the bulge” stories.

My journey started with Nikki in the summer of ‘08 to help get me in shape for my wedding in October 2008. She set me up with a diet plan, cardio plan and training sessions twice per week. In addition, Nikki would check in with me via email and text messages to see how I was feeling and making sure I was following the plan. Working out with Nikki was not an easy task! No doubt about it, she kicked my butt. Nikki pushed me and had me lift heavier weights than I ever had in the past. In addition, I made noticeable differences in my body with weight loss and muscle gains for my wedding day. Every dress fitting that I went to in the weeks before my wedding, the dress would get looser and looser.

Since that time, I continued to train with Nikki until she stopped working to have their beautiful daughter, Raven. Next, I started training with David, who was just as tough and held his clients accountable. I didn’t know what to expect at first. However I soon realized he was a trainer who I could trust to kick my butt just as Nikki had. Training with David has also been a great experience. As long as I follow the diet plan, the cardio plan and the weight training plan I consistently lose weight. I have been able to lift even heavier weights and have learned to push through the hard moments during sets.

The best part about meeting Nikki and David is that we have become great friends, in addition to watching and caring for Raven during her first year. I am constantly encouraged to eat clean, push to the next level and to never quit.

Laura Gershen