Kristin Neidlinger - Weight LossI first met David in 2005-2006.  Both of us were Personal Trainers at the same gym at this time.  I had chosen to take on Personal Training because of the benefits that I felt come from exercise.  My goal was always to help others.

I always watched David training his clients…it seemed ruthless…tough…but worth the results that I saw all of them having.  I was always curious at what he was carrying in that “big lunch box” and why he always ate…every couple of hours.  What is this guy doing?

I was lucky enough to have David train me and to this day I still use the cues that he gave me while lifting.  Always encouraging but stern. Always just what you needed to make it past any hurdle.

Eventually I left that gym to work a normal 9-5 type job, and told myself that I would go back to training someday when my life and financial situation would allow it. 

This “regular job” beat me into the ground and I came out in worse shape than ever before.  Not only was I feeling awful, self confidence almost non existent, there was NO WAY I was even going to try and market myself as a trainer. 

Who would buy services from me?!  The extra weight I had gained was really holding me back from what I wanted to do in life. 

I felt as if I did not fit the “health and wellness” mold that I had been working so hard to learn about and grow into. 

Mid 2011 I thought about bodybuilding and figure competition.  Who better to contact that David?   I Googled his name and there it was!!  To my surprise David and Nikki were offering online coaching. 

I signed up right away and began online coaching.  I can say that it has been exactly what I needed. I had also been going through some rough personal and family situations to which both David and Nikki were more that accommodating.  Not just coaching with diet and exercise but moral support as well.  They helped me stay on track despite my hectic life situation.

Everything: support, tools, knowledge, patience, accountability and experience that I needed all in one place.  My highest weight was 181 pounds. 

I am pleased to say that as of October 18, 2011 I am at 159 pounds and still losing!

Thank you for everything David and Nikki!!

Kristin N, Chicago, IL