Kelly D - Fitness Weight Loss Toning Columbia MD

I was no novice to the gym when I met David in March of this year (2012).  I was very comfortable handling the dumbbells and gong hardcore on the leg press, but working with David has completely revolutionized the way I train.

Weight Loss Fitness Columbia MD - Kelli D 2I have never seen the changes in my body that he has been able to produce, despite having been involved with sports and physical training my whole life.  Muscle started building in places I never knew a muscle could exist, and my strength continues to grow.

I have had some set backs because of health issues, but David has worked with me in and out of the gym to help come up with a solution that would work best for me.

I can proudly say that I found the best trainer in Maryland.  Soon, I will be moving down to DC, but I am not willingWeight Loss Fitness Columbia MD - Kelli D 3 to let go of training with David, because I honestly don’t think I’ll be able to find this caliber of training elsewhere.

I can’t leave out his wife Nikki, who has been a source of great wisdom, advice, and instruction through the whole process; from creating my diet plan and holding me accountable, to listening to my struggles in balancing work and exercise.  David and Nikki are a great team.

Weight Loss Fitness Columbia MD - Kelli D 4I think what I appreciate most about David is his ability to explain complex scientific processes through simple examples; his steady stream of education has helped me build a foundation of knowledge and tools that I can take with me wherever I train.

Thank you David Johnston Training!  I look forward to even more transformations.

Kelly D.