• dropped from 183lbs to 121lbs over the course of 9 months
• dropped from a size 12 to a size zero
• began competing and placing successfully in figure physique competitions, taking 4th in Figure Short at the 2007 NPC Natural Mid-States Muscle Classic XX (Photos can be seen here. Video can be seen here.); placed 5th in Figure Short at the 2007 NPC Midwest Ironman
• learned enough about training and nutrition to do her own contest preparations for the 2009 NPC Natural Grand Prix and take 2nd place in the Figure Medium Division (Photos can be seen here. Video can be seen here.)
• inspired to become a certified personal trainer and currently operates her own personal training business
• Additional Videos: 1 and 2

Dear reader,

Dave and I began together in 2007, at that time I was chunky. I was always attracted to fitness and I knew I wanted to do more. In my over all observations of trainers he had caught my eye; I could see that he was unique and different from the rest, was very into his training and most importantly I watched his clients change.

In that recent time I had gone to a couple of fitness shows and knew I had an itch for it… I then looked to Dave for his guidance and professional advice and training.

David sat me down and one of the first things he talked to me about was my diet… And I knew I was about to have to change a lot of things.. One thing you will find with Dave is that he will tell you like it is, period. I needed that and still do to this day at times. So basically we started from ground zero and began…

I went from 150lbs down to 123lbs in 16 weeks. My body completely changed. I was taught about what it takes to be disciplined… and how passionate he really was about what he does. It was inspiring. I today am also certified in fitness and am on that journey … Dave had helped me gain confidence, with posing for my show all the way to begin there for my son on the day of my show. He was and is passionate about what he does and is in it for the long run and most importantly in it for you as his client. If you allow him he will work his way into your routine and take it from good to amazing and if you are open he will teach you what it takes to be your best.

Whether it is for a show or for general fitness goals… Seeking instruction from David as your professional trainer will start you on the right foot and get you to where you want to be and your results and experience will stay with you for years to come as it has for me. Depend on yourself, rely on a great teacher, give it your all and you can guarantee David Johnston to see you to your best.

Thank you David for being the best trainer and being the inspiration that has stayed with me & that gives me the fire to keep going; my journey would’ve never become what it is today without you.

Thank you.
Delilah V. Matos /

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