NAME: Cylda Hodo

AGE: 31





  • 2014 NPC Philadelphia Championship: 1st place True Novice Bikini, 1st place Novice Bikini, 1st place Open Bikini B and Bikini Overall Champion
  • 2014 NPC Maryland State, 1st place Open Bikini B
  • 2014 NPC East Coast Classic, 2nd place Open Bikini B
  • 2014 NPC Shawn Ray Classic, 2nd place Open Bikini B
  • 2014 IFBB North Americans, 16th place Bikini C
  • 2015 NPC Jay Cutler Baltimore Classic, 4tth place Open Bikini C
  • 2015 NPC Mid Atlantic Grand Prix, 1st place Open Bikini B and Bikini Overall Champion

I have always worked out and remained active, so I set a goal for myself to compete in a bodybuilding competition before I turned 30, and that’s how I got started with competing. I first heard about TEAM Warrior Within in 2013 when I started attending their free posing clinics. I met David and started training with him in person at the Colosseum Gym. He started prepping me for my first competition.

David is a no-holds-barred type of trainer. He tells it like it is and gets shit done. He has always been there to push me through a tough workout, lend an ear when deep in the throes of prep, or give an honest answer to a question.

When I started prep for my first show, I didn’t know what to expect. It was sort of “ignorance is bliss”. I was also pretty lean when I started. After all of my shows in 2014, I felt lost without structure, and rebounded pretty bad. I gained about 30lbs. This year, I moved, started a new job and found a new gym. The stress of new beginnings, along with the extra weight I had put on, I knew my work was cut out for me this time around. I had a new set of goals and was determined to achieve them.

For motivation, I used my old stage pictures to help me through the touch times. I knew I could beat that girl.

For those looking to get started with competing, I would advise you to not take it too seriously. Yes, it’s a competition, but if you set a goal and accomplish it, you’ve already won no matter your stage placing.

During this prep, I proved to myself that I could anything I put my mind to. I would like to thank my boyfriend Derek, who is also a coach and trainer with TEAM Warrior Within—anyone who has a significant other who competes knows how stressful it can be. When you’re in prep mode, they’re in prep mode, and it’s a joint effort. He helped me prep meals, designed awesome workouts, and even sat and talked to me during my long cardio sessions.

Moving forward, I plan on continuing to find balance this offseason. I’m also excited about going back to the drawing board and bringing up some weak points with my physique.

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