Over the last ten years I have been trying to get and keep a weight training regimen.  I joined an elaborate gym thinking that the perks would keep me interested.  That didn’t work.  I knew in order for me to work out I would need to have a trainer to push me.  That worked out for a little while, but I would miss at times because I didn’t see what I was looking to obtain.

It wasn’t until I met David that I started becoming consistent and getting good feedback of what I needed to do.  I started working out with him and his partner and I pushed myself.  I started seeing the results that I was looking to get.  Watching them train gave me motivation.  I began eating more and working out more than two days a week.

I am very happy to say not that I am bigger and stronger than ever before.  I am steadily chipping away at putting on size and strength.

Cory Lodrick