Brian Denny - Bodybuilding Competition Prep Columbia MDIn late Fall, I decided I wanted to try my very first bodybuilding competition (shooting for the following May). Being a novice, however, I knew full well I’d be better off following the guidance of someone who had been there before, someone with similar goals, and someone with the knowledge I needed.

Dave, a personal trainer at my gym, agreed to be that resource — throughout my training and dieting, he served as my mentor and coach, guiding me to the best physique I had ever achieved.

As the months passed and the show approached, Dave would regularly provide very detailed andBrian Denny - Bodybuilding Competition Prep - Columbia MD straightforward (i.e., no BS) instruction for each phase of contest prep.

I was very impressed by his client service, attention to detail, and passion for the sport — thanks for all the help, Dave!

Brian Denny