Weight Loss

NAME:  Bob S.

AGE: 67



I work with TEAM Warrior Within trainer Shirley Callis.  He was referred to me by my doctor. Shirley gives time and thought to his work with me.  He has enough experience to change my workout as my body changes.  He helps guide me through resistance training, yoga, and cycling. The hardest part of achieving my goal so far has been being patient after the initial dramatic weight loss. For motivation during difficult times, I relied on the support of a team—Shirley, a doctor, a nutritionist (Shirley’s wife), and my family—together—all helped to keep me on track. For somebody looking to get started with lifestyle change and trying to get healthier, I would tell them to always keep their eyes on the long-term. A quick start is fine, but the goal is to avoid a downward spiral. Success, followed by weight gain, followed by the next success, followed by more failure. The cycle can be demoralizing. Through this process, I have learned that I can keep the weight off. I’ve been at my goal weight for three years now. In terms of thanks, Shirley gets a lot of credit. His help has changed my life. Moving forward, my plans are to maintain my weight, run a 10K, and keep replacing fat with muscle.

Shirley Callis

Shirley Callis Howard County MD Personal TrainerThis Warrior was trained and coached by Shirley Callis.  Shirley has 30 plus years of personal and professional experience.  He has helped clients of all ages and fitness levels get the results they were looking for.  Whether you are struggling to lose weight, get in shape for competition, or just want to get fit, Shirley can guide you.

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