Front Relaxed

David provides a comprehensive service entirely geared to helping me accomplish my fitness/physique goals. My time with David  has proven very effective, massively improving my strength and getting my body to where i like it. Figuring out the goals is the easy part, accomplishing them is where the work comes.  David has no capacity to coddle.  He pushes you to your limits and then expands them.  The several years of experience with David have taught me that he knows my physical limits better than I do, and he’s quick to show you how what you think your physical limits are really are mental.  It’s a simple recipe for success: listen to David, do what he says, and be honest with him and yourself about what you do out of the gym, and your transformation just happens.  He’s very upfront about how this works, there’s no magic involved.  He’s a teacher and a mentor, amongst the best I’ve known.

Ben Kerman