TEAM Warrior Within Founder, Lead Personal Trainer, Lead Online Coach

David Johnston used to write very long bios, detailing all of his accomplishments, credentials, and certifications in the industry.  But after devoting the last thirteen years of his life to the personal training and fitness fields– after having the honor of helping hundreds of individuals strip thousands of pounds from their frames– after adding decades of smile-filled living to innumerable peoples’ lives by improving their health– after helping eight individuals turn IFBB pro, putting dozens of people into the top 5 on an NPC national stage, and putting hundreds of first-time competitors into the top-5 five winner circle at entry-level physique competitions– after scripting and co-hosting the most downloaded podcast in the bodybuilding world for three years running– David has decided to keep this short, with just one request: look through the testimonials, and let them speak for themselves.