This rage does not have a specific object. It is not violence directed towards another person, or even an inanimate object. It is a general state of staring down your goal, the obstruction that lies between you and greatness, and knowing you can demolish it, destroy it, rend it in half and rip it apart. It is knowing there is a demonic fury underneath the surface that is at your command, if and as needed.

And Please Bring Proper Attire

You rush out the door for work in the morning and forget to pack your gym bag. Or you pack the gym bag but forget the shoes, shorts, bra, or underwear. Here’s a checklist to make sure your wearing ‘proper gym attire’.

Symphony of Construction

As a trainer, you see a wide range of female clients. It gives you unique perspective into what the human body is capable of — physiologically of course, but more important here, audibly. An intimate insight into the sounds that men—but mostly women—might be making during times unseen. Shall we take a look ?

The Personal Trainer Dress Code: AKA: Who Goes to a Bald Barber?

Today, at my current gym, we were PACKED (which is very odd for early August), with gobs of muscular individuals occupying every free space. And I glanced out on the floor, and all of my TEAM Warrior Within trainers were busy training their clients and hustling their asses off—IFBB pro Donna McGinn, NPC competitor Joe Bender, NPC competitor and former WBFF pro Dave Shutler, NPC competitor Sabrina Clever, NPC competitor Jim Driskell, IFBB pro Stacy Wig, my wife and NPC competitor Nikki Johnston, and myself, NPC superheavy David “Is a Motherfucker” Johnston. All of us were swamped with clients.

The Beast-Mode Paradox: How to Get More Out of Less

At the end of the day, don’t let your emotions run you on this issue, and be another neurotic lifter putting in half-assed attempts because you “feel you need to”. Sometimes, the soul just needs pizza and ice cream, even if the “beast-mode” within you has convinced you that “there is no off-season”.