During my show prep, I learned a lot about my mental strength. I definitely had to push myself past my weaknesses, especially on the days where I was tired and didn’t want to go to the gym. I also learned to be patient and how disorganized I was before I started prepping. I was a mess! Becoming a competitor has not only disciplined me in the gym but also in my personal life.


So we had a handful of real hustler. And then, we had all of the fly-by-night gangsters, who rented exotic cars from dealerships, and literally borrowed stacks of cash to throw around in their music videos, in an attempt to convince the world that they, too, were hustlers. But they weren’t. They were rent-a-hustlers at best.


My feet hurt!
There will always be a million and one reasons to not play…
There will always be an excuse…
And some will still play. And some will not. And it’s really as simple as that.
Wanna’ play?


People ask if I regret any of my tattoos. Why would I regret them? I mean that literally—what would it even mean to regret a tattoo? As in, it’s a decision I made in the past that I can’t now un-make, and I no longer agree with? Isn’t that applicable to all decisions?...

Warrior Worthy Egg Salad

I’ve tried many additions to this recipe by adding fresh or dried herbs, red pepper flakes, Mexican spices and even curry to this. There’s ALWAYS a way to reinvent food to help fit your needs, time constraints and lifestyle. Enjoy!

Darlene Henderson-Dudley – Warrior’s Corner

For anybody looking to get started with physique competition, I would advise them to not be whiney—this stuff is tough, and gets even tougher as you get further into prep. Ask questions, question everything, and make your coach explain why they are having you eat what you eat and train the way you train. And remember, anything is possible, anything you set your mind to is achievable.


Grab a pair of heavy ropes that take up 90% of the gym floor, and flail against them uselessly as if you have just invented a new way of sculpting the body from the ground up. What the heck was Arnold thinking when he came up with such overly-simplified techniques as the barbell bench press, the barbell squat, and the barbell row? Damn simpleton!