Take Me To Church

For those among you who compete, we all do it for different reasons. A personal challenge for some, or proving to the world that you can accomplish a Herculean task. A display of discipline and drive, focus and commitment.

Symphony of Construction

As a trainer, you see a wide range of female clients. It gives you unique perspective into what the human body is capable of — physiologically of course, but more important here, audibly. An intimate insight into the sounds that men—but mostly women—might be making during times unseen. Shall we take a look ?

Act Violently

I have a friend who has a problem. She doesn’t know how to act. A strange syndrome: rationally, she knows what she should do—takes in the facts, processes them, integrates them—but there lies a disconnect between brain and body, between the thinking and the spirit that moves the flesh.

Naomi Miller – Warriors Corner

The most difficult part of prepping for a show is when I am feeling mentally low, or just flat-out hungry, which leaves me with little energy. You have to dig deep to keep moving forward. And it gets really hard to not cheat on the diet.

Embracing The Mirror

I want you to do something that few in the fitness industry do: take a breath, stop being neurotic and emotionally crippled, try for a fleeting moment to be semi-objective, and accurately assess how far you have really come. And I want you to ask yourself a simple question: does this make you happy, or upset?

The Bodybuilding Date

You’ve never been out with a real bodybuilder before, huh? You didn’t realize the glory that would be knocking on your door in a few short hours. No flowers. No chocolates. Who needs bribes like that, when you have a 6-pack like Adonis?

Hero Worshiper

The average five-year-old child on the playground aspires to be: Superman, flying at freakish speed and saving the world; Wolverine, healing instantaneously & fighting villains; or a hero of real-world flesh and bone—LeBron James flying through the air, a scaled-down Superman in his own right. The honesty of youth recognizes the beauty of the superhero

The Sacred and the Profane: Where We Stand

By now, most of my readers likely know that I am not a fan of the direction that physique competition has gone, specifically with the introduction of the bikini and men’s physique divisions, coupled with the ever-dwindling numbers of bodybuilders seen at bodybuilding shows.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

The running shoes are strapped to your feet. You’re in amazing cardiovascular shape, lighter than you’ve been in years, running comes easy right now—not hard on the knees, back, or lungs, just grace and elegance as you stride over the earth. But, you forgot to consult the butthole. The butthole doesn’t always agree with the best of intentions.